Looking for a temporary restraining order?

13 Sep

They say that marriages are made in heaven. However the proverb doesn’t seem to be applicable in all the cases. There are several couples in the world who are looking forward to get separated due to several reasons. No matter what the reason it, a restraining order is applicable in most of the cases. A restraining order in a divorce case implies a stay on all the current proofs and applicable documents. This ensures that the other party cannot destroy any of the evidences that are against them. A full security to all of them is provided.

Types of restraining order:Focused on family law section

There are various types of restraining orders that can be pronounced which includes the temporary restraining order divorce Houston. This implies that the order will be temporary until the case is presented in front of the judges. In most of the cases, it is quite easy to get such kind of order.

The next type of restraining order includes the one in which the other party is not even allowed to enter the house. This is a harsh type of order and is applicable only in a very few situations. One such situation can be the physical harassment of the other party. If the client reports of such an activity, the judge orders the other party to leave the house immediately and not enter it again until a final verdict has been pronounced.

 Why and when should you apply for restraining order?

This is an important issue as many of the people are not aware of the correct timing. When you have decided that you wish to get divorced and that you have some sort of proof against the other party, you can apply for a restraining order to ensure that the proofs will stay safe with you.


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